CaliCam Canon and Nikon lens calibration and sensor cleaning (Yorkshire Based)


Calicam  Camera lens calibration and sensor cleaning service by photography experts, Let CaliCam calibrate your Canon or Nikon dslr body along with your Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Tamron autofocus lenses, get the very best out of your camera equipment and take the guess work out of lens calibration so you don’t miss a photo opportunity ever again.


Check out our amazing services on offers here is a list of services CaliCam offer. 




  • Canon body & lens calibration (with any brand auto focus lens)
  • Nikon body & lens calibration (with any brand auto focus lens)
  • Autofocus Consistency
  • Aperture Sharpness
  • MultiPoint Focus Test
  • Test all focus points
  • Dust Analysis
  • Detailed Analysis



Sensor cleaning


  • Full frame sensor cleaning (any brand) 
  • Crop sensor cleaning (any brand) 
  • Micro 3/4 sensor cleaning (any brand)

All sensor cleans include a mirror and external viewfinder clean